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Reasons to Use a Professional Car Wash

Let's face it. Most of us have a car or truck that we enjoy driving and perhaps our proudest moment is when the car is new and looks its best. For this reason, car washes have acquired popularity and have been able to provide us with that "new car feeling" that we all love.

A lot of people wash their own cars at home, but the convenience of an automated car wash and relatively low cost has become hard to beat. Our cars are subjected to all sorts of abuses from the environment including the sun, dirt, and smog, all of which will affect the best automobile. However, you can keep your car in new condition and the following information will show you how.


Feel Good – Washing your car is like brushing your teeth or taking a shower-you just feel better afterward.

2. Save Time – Do the things you'd rather do and still do the things you should do.
3. Protect the Environment – Professional car washes use sophisticated technology and specially designed equipment to conserve water. The contaminants are washed off and channeled through sanitation sewers to water treatment plants. Home car washing wastes water, and the soap and dirt end up in storm sewers, which flow into our lakes, streams, and rivers-polluting our environment.
4. Protect Your Investment – A good finish on your vehicle means a higher resale or trade-in value.
5. Take Pride in Ownership – Your car looks better clean rather than dirty. And if you don't care for it, who will?
6. Preventative Maintenance – All vehicles, regardless of the finish (clear coat, acrylic, enamel, etc.) require regular washing throughout the year, just like a good maintenance program prolongs the life and performance of your car.
7. The Clock is Ticking – Time is a contributing factor that can harm your car's exterior. The longer an attacking substance is on the vehicle, the greater the probability and extent of damage.
8. Acid Rain – Emissions from chemical plants, fossil fuels, power plants and the internal combustion engine are transported and altered in our atmosphere. When deposited onto your car's surface in either a wet or dry state, they become sulfuric or nitric acids which, if left on the surface, can eat the paint.
9. Heat Damages – Temperature accelerates problems. The acids in bugs, bird droppings, tree sap, and leaves become more active through heat. Metal retains this heat and increases the chances of permanent stains.
10. Sun Burns – Sunlight exposure, with its ultraviolet rays, accelerates the aging process and diminishes the gloss on your finish. Protective coating and sealants are necessary to provide a protective barrier while enhancing your exterior' s gloss and shine.
11. Oxidation – Water can trap dirt to a metal surface, allowing the oxidation process to occur. It ultimately causes rust and corrosion.
12. Unhealthy Salt – Sea and road salt cause a chemical reaction that can accelerate the pitting and rusting of your car's surface. The undercarriage is especially prone to this damage due to many out-of-sight areas where salt can lodge.
13. Clean Wheels – Road grime and brake dust cling to wheels and hubcaps. If not removed, they can actually permeate the metal, causing major damage.